It’s easy to get caught in the abyss that is the internet. You click on one funny cat video, and 20 seconds later, you’re watching the most explosive crashes in history. But if you really want to test your anxiety, look up videos about rock crawling. Overpass takes the sport, places you in the driver’s seat, and aims to have you leaping tall boulders in, like, 20,000 small moves. And with the latest gameplay trailer, you can see why the journey is so slow-moving.

From rocks to riches

If you’re looking to make it in the rock crawling scene, Overpass has more than 23 officially licensed vehicles at your disposal. I say “disposal” because you’re more than likely to send your ride into summersaults with the slightest of mistakes. As this is an off-road simulator, you can rest assured there will be multiple tools to use during a race, particularly on extreme courses. That includes how and when you accelerate to tackle terrain obstacles and physics. Going too fast will overload the suspension and topple you before you can wipe the mud from your eyes.

To give some guidance on the traps you can expect, Overpass‘ director, Joakim Eriksson, has lent his voice to narrate the latest trailer. He also acknowledges that there are a “multitude” of solutions to complete any given track.

Overpass 1

Overpass is currently available for pre-order on PC via its official site, and it launches on February 27. It will see releases in the US, Europe, Germany, and Australia. You can even opt in to purchase the day-one edition, which is a physical-only copy. The game is currently being developed by Zordix, a Sweedish based developer that has quite a few racing titles (most in different genres) under its belt. Overpass is being published by Bigben.

There are two bonuses for calling dibs early. You’ll nab yourself two vehicles, the Yamaha YFZ450R SE and the Yamaha YXZ 100 SE.

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