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Electronic Arts has revealed a new multiplayer shooter during EA Play Live 2020. Rocket Arena pits two teams of three against each other on dynamic and colorful maps. Oh, and to live up to the name, there’s only rockets. Sniper rifles? No, only rockets. And it will be available — with cross-play support — on Origin and Steam starting July 14.

The trailer itself sells that point. Rocket Arena‘s trailer shows off a host of characters, bouncing and leaping across stages firing their own unique rockets. As per the norm, the game is setting itself up as a hero shooter, bringing plenty of playable characters with all that charming personality. Like the old safari guy. And I’m sure there might be a snarky teenager somewhere in there. Oh, there she is:

Under development by Final Strike Games, Rocket Arena is setting out to live up to its name. Indeed, like in the halcyon days of multiplayer shooters, you use rockets to move around arenas. Wait, rockets…arenas…I get it now. Your rocket launcher can be used to attack or propel yourself during combat, using something called “blast and recovery mechanics.” I’m not sure what that means entirely, but I speculate that the game provides options for negating damage done by your own arsenal.

Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone

With the game coming out so soon, EA has been candid about the details for the game. After launch, Rocket Arena will have seasonal events in which to participate. Those will offer unto you fresh content, such as new characters, maps, and events. The first season will begin shortly after launch on July 28. You’ll also be able to play with friends on other platforms, as the game will launch with cross-play support.

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Rocket Arena is a celebration of our team’s experience and love of working on multiplayer shooters,” said Kevin Franklin, co-founder of Final Strike Games. “We’re excited to have our uncompromised vision for the game be realized with the support of EA Partners and for everyone to start playing it next month.”

Rocket Arena launches on PC via Steam and EA Origin on July 14.

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