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A datamined image depicting a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-esque crate and key system in Rocket League has prompted a timely response from one of the Psyonix team. He confirms that this image is an “early piece” of an upcoming system that is intended to “fund our esports prize pools and events”.

An official announcement of that system is planned for next month (August), but in light of the early leak and the current litigation regarding Valve’s CS:GO and third-party gambling, Psyonix have sensibly decided to issue a few comments.

Crates are said to contain “cosmetic items only”, and it is confirmed that there will be no Steam marketplace integration with this system. That’s most likely because Rocket League exists on platforms outside the PC, but also, according to Psyonix, because “We are definitely aware of the problems related to third-party gambling in other games and we are not interested in taking that approach.”

Players who don’t want to have anything to do with a crate and key system can “hide it entirely with a single checkbox”. Psyonix also note that their current item drop system will not be affected. They add that “we are sticking with our approach to keep introducing free new Arenas, Modes, and Items, along with the occasional paid DLC just like we always have.”

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