Rocket League’s next update will have Custom Training

Rocket League’s next update will have Custom Training

In what can only be an effort to raise everybody’s Rocket League skills to dangerously professional levels, Psyonix will be including the ability to make custom training sessions in the game’s next update. Everybody will be able to make, and share, the training session of their dreams.

It seems relatively straightforward. You’ll choose a name for your training region, decide which map it’ll take place on, whether it’s more Striker or Goalkeeper oriented, and choose the difficulty level. Then, the harder work starts. You’ll set up and edit shots to include in your sequence. Every shot can be “can be tested in real-time, modified, and tested again”.

Once created, it’ll be possible to upload your amazing new training session to the Rocket League servers. A custom training browser will allow people to search for new sequences.

Psyonix have further plans for custom training, including more ‘types’ (beyond Striker/Goalkeeper), and improved ways to browse for custom creations.

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    • waswat

      Although there’s a Rocket League trainer mod out already, a lot of people (including those who own it on consoles) were waiting for this!