Not rocking: Rocksmith 2014 still not out on Steam

rocksmith 2014 blade

So you’ve pre-ordered Rocksmith 2014 and you’re ready to rock! It’s now the 25th so it’s released on Steam right?

Wrong! In another annoying piece of Steam release scheduling the game will not unlock until 6PM GMT for UK gamers which is another 16 hours from now which is not quite the 24th as expected

There are a lot of unhappy rockers on the Steam discussion boards this evening gagging to start plucking their axes.

This is not unusual for a Steam release, Steam releases hardly ever release at midnight so waiting for the clock to tick over appears to the a pointless exercise.

Having said that, games such as Batman Origins did unlock at midnight so it looks like the release times are set on a per title basis.

If you want to find out more, check out Tim’s review.

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