September 5th, 2017

Rocksmith 2014’s latest DLC isn’t rubbish, it’s Garbage


You’ll have to forgive me that terrible pun, but I’m kind of excited. I’ve been wanting Garbage DLC for Ubisoft’s learn-an-instrument-’em-up Rocksmith 2014 for quite some time now, and… well, now it’s here!

£5.59 will net you three of the band’s better songs for Rocksmith 2014: I Think I’m Paranoid, Stupid Girl, and Only Happy When It Rains. Yes, you could probably have guessed it would be those three. I’m sort of disappointed there isn’t anything like Push It, but oh well. They can also be picked up separately for £2.39 each.

If you want to pick them up and guitar or bass along to them, head on over to Steam.

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