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The Boxer is one of the most technical classes in Rogue Legacy 2. As you proceed through the game and unlock higher level classes, they tend to get harder to play. No class proves that more than the Boxer. The Boxer’s incredible bulk and above-average mana are ideal, but its methods of dealing damage are not beginner-friendly. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get the most out of the Boxer class while playing Rogue Legacy 2.

Unlocking the Boxer class requires your castle to be at level 30. This, alongside the Dragon Lancer, is one of the first classes that can be unlocked after level 18. This level gap means you’ll likely have to purchase other upgrades first to level up the castle. First, spend one point in Fruit Juice Bar, as this is required to unlock the Boxer. Afterwards, it’s best to invest gold into Arsenal and Sauna, which both increase weapon damage. Do this until level 30 when you can purchase the Boxer.


Boxing Gloves

Who needs guns when you’ve got these guns? The Boxer passes on swords, bows, and guns in favor of some good old-fashioned punching. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this class’ lack of a weapon holds it back. The trick to playing the Boxer is to master the Boxing Glove’s Combo mechanic. Every successful hit applies one stack of Combo, a buff that increases all damage dealt by 2% per stack. This buff lasts for two seconds after the last punch landed and can stack up to thirty times. Any attacks dealt with at least 15 stacks applied will always deal critical damage. This may sound like a lot of math, but the concept is simple. The more you punch something, the more damage you deal.

The Boxing Gloves’ alternate attack is Uppercut. This can be used to damage enemies that are above you. It even works through solid platforms. Similar to the base attack, Uppercut also adds Combo stacks and benefits from the Combo mechanic. However, Uppercut’s main use is actually as a defensive tool. It covers a wide area in front of you and can be used as a makeshift shield to destroy incoming projectiles.

Rogue Legacy 2 Boxer Class Boxing Gloves Dash Attack

Knockout Punch

The Boxer class gets access to the Knockout Punch talent in Rogue Legacy 2. Knockout Punch is a crowd control talent that deals area of effect damage. Any enemies hit by this will go flying backwards, making it a useful ability to buy time. In a pinch and need to get enemies away from you? Hit them with a Knockout Punch, and use the created window to get out of there.

Much like the Boxing Gloves’ Uppercut, this can be used as a defensive tool. Any projectiles hit by Knockout Punch are immediately destroyed. It has a more forgiving hitbox than Uppercut , which makes it easier to clear multiple projectiles in one swing. Another use of Knockout Punch is to dump Combo stacks rather than lose them. When used, it consumes all Combo stacks and significantly increases damage output in the process. This isn’t as effective as simply continuing to attack normally, but if your stacks are going to expire anyway, it’s better than letting them run out. The main downside to Knockout Punch is that bosses are immune to knockback, making this talent largely useless during Rogue Legacy 2‘s hardest fights.

Rogue Legacy 2 Boxer Class Knockout Punch Talent


Deft is the passive ability for the Boxer in Rogue Legacy 2. It allows heirs of this class to freely pass through enemies without taking damage as long as they are not attacking. On paper, this sounds good, but in practice, Deft ends up being one of the more underwhelming passives in the game.

The problem is that the best time to pass through an enemy is when they are attacking. Take the Duelist’s Combat Roll talent for instance, which is incredible because it lets you dodge attacks and counter from behind. That isn’t possible with Deft because it won’t trigger once an enemy begins attacking. Regardless, it can still be useful for rushing through biomes without having to fight enemies. This is nice if you want to go straight to a boss room rather than farm gold or work on unlocking Heirlooms.

Rogue Legacy 2 Boxer Class Deft Passive Ability

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