Roguelike deckbuilder Nowhere Prophet out on Steam today

Roguelike deckbuilder Nowhere Prophet out on Steam today

Prophet gone rogue

If you’re looking for a highly cerebral roguelike card game, Nowhere Prophet is out on Steam today, and it will keep you busy for quite some time. Developed by Sharkbomb Studios and published by No More Robots, this is a unique deckbuilding card game. It shares a common origin with Slay the Spire as a digital card game with deckbuilding mechanics, but it stands on its own. This means that you build your deck as you make your journey through the world, instead of using a pre-built deck. The process of deckbuilding often requires sacrifices and trade-offs, and the roguelike gameplay loop makes it even more challenging.

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You play as a prophet on a mission to find a place called the Crypt. To get there, you must go on a journey through the planet of Soma, an Indofuturistic world in ruins. As a prophet, you have followers, who are also your cards, and they can suffer injuries and die. These ‘living cards’ make the compelling gameplay much more challenging, as you try to avoid losing your followers. Nowhere Prophet features complex and intricate card game mechanics, with some influence from the ultimate card game, Magic: The Gathering.

Nowhere Prophet and The Oregon Trail

Another interesting feature in Nowhere Prophet is its convoy management gameplay. It’s similar to the old PC classic, The Oregon Trail, in that you have to manage scarce resources as you make your journey. Traveling through the world of Soma requires Food and Hope, without which your followers will perish. So not only can you lose followers in battles, but also from starvation and hopelessness. This makes the convoy management an anxious process, as you try to make the best with the resources you have available.

Nowhere Prophet is out on Steam right now with a 10% launch discount that ends on July 26.

What do you think of Nowhere Prophet? Are you into roguelike card games like this? Do you enjoy the deckbuilding process? Drop your comments below and tell us your opinion!

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