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Space can be a vast, often desolate space, even in Starfield. You’ll learn to cherish time you spend talking to other humans, including the companions that explore the stars with you. One of those possible companions is Andreja, who keeps to herself when you first meet her but may open up to the right individual. Here is our romance guide for Andreja in Starfield.

Starfield – romance guide for Andreja

In some games, players might romance one character or another in hopes of seeing some intimate scenes with bare skin. In Starfield, the big reward is that you can produce the Emotional Security status, which increases the speed with which you generate XP. To romance Andreja, keep her happy until you access and complete the Divided Loyalties and Commitment: Andreja missions.

Starfield Andreja Romance Guide Tomisar

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Honoring her wishes

To keep Andreja happy, remember her preferences as you engage in your usual activities. Here are a few key suggestions:

  • Don’t hunt down innocent people.
  • Resolve conflicts with Persuasion, when possible.
  • Help the less fortunate, rather than turning your back on them.
  • When Andreja tells you she has something she wants to talk about, have that conversation at the next opportunity.
  • If you have the option to ‘Flirt‘ in conversation, take advantage of it.

When you keep Andreja happy for long enough, the Divided Loyalties mission becomes available. This brief mission introduces some of the characters in Andreja’s past, including two key characters named Jaeda and Tomisar. You can resolve your meetings without bloodshed, which pleases Andreja.

Starfield Andreja Romance Guide Shoza Ii

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Making a commitment

After the Divided Loyalties mission ends, continue to keep Andreja’s needs in mind. You will have more opportunities to flirt, and she’ll want to talk to you about your developing relationship. Choose the ‘Commitment‘ dialog option when it finally appears. At this point, Andreja will accompany you to bed if she is in the vicinity, which gives the XP boost. However, you can still take things further.

Eventually, Andreja offers the Commitment: Andreja mission. This is your chance to max out your relationship level with Andreja. She takes you to the planet Shoza II, in the Shoza system. This planet features many of the rarer metals, including Silver in particular.

Starfield Andreja Romance Guide Following On Shoza Ii

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When you arrive on Shoza II, follow Andreja to a special place of her choosing. Talk to her when instructed to do so. She leads you to a special plot of land, where she hands over Andreja’s Commitment Gift. You will also unlock the Starcrossed achievement if this is your first time reaching the maximum relationship level with a companion.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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