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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV — Guides and features hub

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Xiv Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 Rtk 14 Guides And Features Hub

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (RTK 14) is the latest in Koei Tecmo’s long-running historical strategy simulation series. Based on Luo Guanzhong’s Sanguo Yanyi, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV shows you China in the midst of turmoil. With the Han Dynasty’s imminent collapse, rival warlords vie for control and larger-than-life heroes are forever immortalized. This guides and features hub will help you with various features and mechanics from managing your burgeoning empire and defeating your opponents, to unlocking the “Rise of Heroes” scenario, known in-game as “Gathering of Heroes.”

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV: Guides and features hub

Official review – There are a number of flaws that are easily noticeable in the game, especially for those who’ve become familiar with the series. These include the janky “pause-and-play” mechanic, conquering “cores” or special hexes on the campaign map, the poor implementation of events, and the highly questionable capabilities of the AI.

Unlocking the “Gathering of Heroes” scenario – It’s everyone’s favorite RTK scenario, one which has every officer alive at the same time.

Events guideRomance of the Three Kingdoms XIV has hundreds of events with several requirements and outcomes.

Beginner’s guide: Empire managementRomance of the Three Kingdoms XIV will have you focus on building your empire from the ground up and keeping it stable. Here are some tips for your administration policies, core control, domestic options, and districts.

Beginner’s guide: Diplomacy and plots – Although you’ll be warring often, diplomatic and scheming actions can help your progress.

Beginner’s guide: Combat and officer skills – You’ll be entering the battle phase often in order to see the results of your command inputs. Here’s our guide on how to succeed when using officer tactics, formations, links, and duels.

Officer creation and secret officer unlocks – Here’s how to unlock secret officers such as Liu Bang, and tips when creating your own characters to support you in your conquests.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Xiv Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 Rtk 14 Guides And Features Hub Cao Cao

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is available via Steam. You can purchase the game for $53.99. Please note that while the game has been available since January 2020, English localization has only been added recently. This is also considered as its western release.

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