Project Morpheus Ps4 Sony

An alleged insider who helped work on Project Morpheus has come on to reddit to leak a massive amount of information about the device. We don’t know if this is all real or not, but if you’re willing to give this the time of day, it’s a fascinating read for sure.

We won’t go through all the details, but these seem to be the highlights:

  • Sony plans to release the device by March 31, 2015, the end of the next fiscal year.
  • They intend to sell it somewhere between $ 250 – 299 and subsidize part of the actual costs.
  • Morpheus won’t work with PCs. Sony wants to recoup costs by compelling people to buy more PS4s because of the device. Of course, they ran huge R&D costs developing this too, which is why they came out with that other headset earlier this year.
  • Sony has a lot of faith in the device and VR, and they have subsequently invested in it heavily.

Project Morpheus PS4 Sony

Now, why did this insider leak all of this out now? Apparently, the bosses want to get it out now, but some people in the company want them to advance the tech further, so we get the full potential of VR with Morpheus.

We apologize that we can’t cover absolutely everything leaked there, but we can vouch that it’s a fascinating read for sure. When you can take the time, bookmark this reddit so you can read everything.

We’ll see you in the comments section for this one (:

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