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Dr. Nusakan is one of the characters who can join your roster in SaGa Frontier. Unfortunately, the game’s original release back in 1998 only offered this opportunity for Riki and Blue. In Riki’s case, this was while you’re searching for rings. As for Blue, it’s when he’s attempting to get the Hide Rune. Now, though, there’s a treat for long-time fans since SaGa Frontier Remastered allows Asellus to recruit Dr. Nusakan. It’s also partially related to cut content from the original release.

It’s actually a good idea to do this given that Dr. Nusakan is one of the better characters in the game. Likewise, he’s also a mystic, and recruiting him adds more flavor to your playthrough as Asellus since she’s a half-mystic. However, do remember that this can only be done a bit later in the story. Moreover, please take note that this guide has minor spoilers ahead.


SaGa Frontier Remastered: Asellus guide – Recruiting Dr. Nusakan and seeing extra content for the story

To get Dr. Nusakan on your roster as Asellus, you’ll first need to complete the Dark Labyrinth portion of her story. This will automatically have Zozma join your squad. This red-headed fighter plays an important role in the next parts.

Anyway, go ahead and travel to Koorong. Upon exiting the port, you’ll see Zozma lounging around. He’ll tell you that there’s a doctor who’s also a mystic, and he happens to be in the city.

Sgfr Rem Asl Gd Nsk 1

Head down a couple of screens until you reach the alleyway with the three birds. Enter the door with the well-lit sign and interact with the skeleton. Open the room to Dr. Nusakan’s office. It seems that he’s quite curious about Asellus’ condition as a half-mystic, and he’ll happily join your party.

You’ll have a powerful ally with you, one who can cast the Death magic from the get-go. It’s quite helpful since you can easily take out tough enemies, including minibosses (i.e., Jotnar if you’re still looking for the Shield Card). Even better, Dr. Nusakan has Mystic Wear equipped, so you’re free to give him stronger armor pieces.

Sgfr Rem Asl Gd Nsk 2

But, it doesn’t stop there. As part of the extra content in SaGa Frontier Remastered, Asellus’ story has some extra tidbits. For instance, you have alternative ways to escape Facinaturu. Previously, you only went through a cave to reach a pilot who’d take you to Owmi. Now, you can either talk to Zozma in Asellus’ room, then escape using the Kurenai fire pit (you’ll end up in Mosperiburg), or talk to the two other people in the Rootville bar (this one leads to a fairly tough fight and an early meeting with Emelia).

Another major content addition can be seen much later once Zozma’s already with you. For this one, go ahead and visit the Bio Research Lab in Shrike. Zozma will comment that this place is being used to experiment on mystics. Go up one floor and check out the central room. Inside, you’ll find a researcher named Nasheera. She’ll ask Asellus if she’s willing to be part of an experiment.

Follow Nasheera around the facility (the mad scientists won’t attack you for now). After the experiment is conducted, Asellus will be disgusted with Nasheera’s plans. Once she runs away, you can check the rooms inside the facility to free the captured humans and mystics. After you free the two test subjects in the room on the ground floor, Nasheera will chide you.

Saga Frontier Remastered Asellus Dr Nusakan 1

If you say that you’re “ready,” it will start a boss fight against the Earth Dragon, a ridiculously tough boss in SaGa Frontier. However, you can also decline if you’re not up for it yet. You can always return later to challenge Nasheera and the Earth Dragon. Do keep in mind that the chamber at the bottom of the facility (which used to be the Earth Dragon’s location) is now locked. The entrance area is basically where you’ll end up fighting the beast now.

Note 1: If you visited the Bio Research Laboratory earlier in the game (i.e., to get Cotton), the events won’t trigger since Zozma isn’t with you yet.

Note 2: For the sake of clarity, I first encountered Nasheera/the Earth Dragon, then I left the area without fighting the boss. That’s when I returned to Koorong. It’s also when I saw Zozma there and when he told me about recruiting Dr. Nusakan. I’m not entirely sure if these events need to play out in order.

Saga Frontier Remastered Asellus Dr Nusakan 2

SaGa Frontier Remastered releases on April 15 via Steam.

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