Saints Row November Update

The latest Saints Row had a pretty rough launch, from game-breaking glitches that stopped some players from playing the game to general bugs throughout. What makes matters worse is that the game failed to please fans who wanted a return to form. Now it looks like Volition is tackling at least one of these issues by releasing a big November update for Saints Row.

Saints Row‘s November update is set to arrive late in the month with over “200 bug fixes and stability upgrades” for the game. The fixes will mostly focus on stability and co-op issues. These have been two of the biggest problem areas for Saints Row, so it’s good that they may finally be dealt with. This likely won’t be the end of the line for updates, though. In fact, we can expect to see further improvements in later updates.


The update comes with a roadmap

Only the best updates come with roadmaps, and while this isn’t a particularly big one, there’s still some stuff to look forward to. As noted in the post, November only marks the beginning of Saints Row‘s updates. Later down the line, Volition will make further quality-of-life changes, like improving challenge rewards and so on. There’s no date for these updates as of now, but we should see some more news on it soon.

Saints Row November Update Screenshot

Alongside bug fixes, some new free DLC will be available for Saints Row this week. This includes a handful of items that seem to have a sort of whimsical cowboy theme. Other free cosmetic packs will be available soon, and Expansion Pass holders will have access to bonus packs for free. The developer also states that it’s still hard at work making more content for Saints Row. As for when to expect that, the news post states “2023 and beyond,” so we could be waiting a while. With any luck, Volition can get Saints Row back on track and start winning some fans over again. The November update is a promising start, but plenty more work needs to be done.

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