New Saints Row reboot trailer demos robust customization options, with ‘zero restrictions’ on gender

Saints Row reboot customization trailer gender metal chaps

Fans may have concerns over the direction of the Saints Row reboot, but it appears inarguable that developer Volition has put its all into making the experience as customizable as possible. One trailer from last year showcased the myriad ways in which players can form their criminal underworld. The developer also stated that the game will boast “the biggest customization suite” to ever grace the series. And as if to drive the point home, the developers have just put out an extensive five-minute trailer that goes into all of the crazy customization options, from facial features to gender, that players can expect in the Saints Row reboot.

As one would expect, much of the trailer focuses on the ways in which you can trick out your player avatar. Of course, players have an assortment of clothing that can make their avatar look as stylish or as goofy as they want, but it goes deeper than that. In addition to “asymmetrical facial customization,” players can equip their avatars with prosthetic limbs. The team also promises you’ll “have absolutely zero restrictions based on gender” in the Sainst Row reboot. No matter your walk of life, you should be able to find a look that suits you.


There’s more where that came from

But players can customize way more than just their avatar’s looks. Saints Row lets you tweak your vehicles, weapons, and even your main base of operations to your heart’s content. When it comes to vehicles, players can equip their rides with all sorts of stat modifications and unique features, which include a wrecking ball for smashing tailing opponents and an ejector seat for performing daring escapes.

Even if players end up not enjoying the Saints Row reboot, they can at least mess around in all sorts of ways thanks to these customization options. And if the reboot turns out to be a success, then the customization will only make the game that much better.

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