Salt And Sacrifice Fated Hunts Fated Tomes Tome Of Fate Guide

As mentioned in our Salt and Sacrifice Mage Hunts guide, these bosses that you “devour” are required to progress further in the game. Once you’ve done that, you might end up encountering them again as you’re roaming different areas. However, there’s another way to guarantee the type of boss that you can battle. Here’s our Salt and Sacrifice Fated Hunts guide to help you obtain the different Fated Tomes or Tomes of Fate in the campaign.

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Salt and Sacrifice – Fated Hunts and Tomes of Fate locations guide

How do Fated Hunts work in Salt and Sacrifice

After you’ve obtained a Fated Tome or Tome of Fate, you can return to Pardoner’s Vale to talk to Runereader Diadela (i.e., the portal lady). This will unlock the daily Fated Hunts relative to that zone in Salt and Sacrifice.

This mechanic allows you to pick a specific target in mind, along with their summoned mobs and loot drops. Likewise, a trail of smoke will hint at their location, making them easier to track. Anyway, since we’re discussing several key items in the game, you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

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