Satisfactory, the factory building sim, gets a Steam release teaser

Satisfactory Steam release Coffee Stain Studios

If you’re a fan of Factorio and other building simulators, you may want to give Satisfactory a glance. From the development team behind Goat Simulator and the Sanctum games, Satisfactory got its release last March on the Epic Games Store. Now, Coffee Stain Studios has just teased Satisfactory‘s Steam release, which would put the game in Early Access on Valve’s storefront.

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The Steam release teaser has one small Valve Easter egg. If you look closely, you may just see something familiar.

Satisfactory is all about building from the first-person view

Satisfactory‘s Steam release coincides with one of the game’s major updates. Those who are just trying the game now can expect a great deal of new additions and fixes. Coffee Stain Studios is also promising improved textures for the game’s latest update. Also, the game’s jump pads now affect creatures and physical objects. Just as well, the game will now allow players the ability to crouch and slide.

Other additions include pipes for players to add to their factories. This will allow you to mess with oil and other fluid-type resources. Players can also tinker with pipe and flow indicators, pumps, and fluid tanks to be placed on trains. Fluid tanks should allow players plenty of freedom when managing fluids. Better yet, Satisfactory‘s update also sees the introduction of Hypertubes, allowing the player to utilize pipes for travel. Some form of fast travel would certainly be in order as your factories grow in size.

Ahead of the Steam release, Satisfactory now has a resource sink. This will allow excess resources to be consumed. Then the player will receive coupons that allow credits to be re-spent on their factories.

City builders have a long history in PC gaming, but rarely do we see them presented in the first-person view. Satisfactory is one of those rare games that manages to put city-building mechanics outside of the standard isometric perspective. From what I’ve seen of the game, I imagine Satisfactory would appeal to those who enjoyed the Portal games. That is, fans of relaxing yet systematic first-person games.

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