SCS Teases Potential New Trucks for American Truck Simulator

Whenever developers want to add real-world creations into their games, that almost always involves them having to get licensing rights. This shows that the parent company that made whatever’s being added approves of it being recreated into another form. It’s no different when real-world vehicles are added to a game.

SCS Software is quite familiar with this process, as it’s been making vehicle simulators for quite some time. The team recently tweeted out a photo showing that some of its personnel have attended the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, USA to meet with truck manufacturers. The hope is that this will pave the way for new trucks to be added to American Truck Simulator:

There have been several mods that have added new models to the game, but having professionally-produced new vehicles from the dev team is definitely the better option. ATS is still very young compared to its sibling, Euro Truck Simulator 2. So, there’s definitely a lot of wiggle room for it to continue to grow in quality and content.

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