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Everspace 2 is continuing its domination of the outer reaches as Rockfish Games fills the game out during its Early Access period. Today, the game’s galaxy got a little bigger, as the second major update has arrived. Players can dive in immediately and find a new star system, spaceship class, new activities, new main missions, side missions, and yet another new companion. Not only that, but you’ll find new challenges plus over 100 bug fixes to anything and everything the devs thought needed tinkering. Personally, I can’t wait to play the finished game, and seeing it one step closer to reality is very promising indeed.

Zharkov: The Vortex is the name of Everspace 2‘s second update and it has some notable differences. The new set of missions are set in a gas cloud system and have plenty of new places to scour while looking for fights and upgrade materials. But the place is far from safe, as you’ll have to contend with lightning storms and powerful foes looking to take you out of commission. New missions task Adam with investigating a mining corporation. They’ll feature a remote-controlled drone that gathers the info needed to prevent an inside job from happening.


Everspace 2 finally gets its second update

During the course of the story, players will meet Tareen, an Okkar trader who is joining as the newest companion. Tareen expands the number of ships that you can house at your home base, as well as its inventory storage capacity. Speaking of ships, the latest addition is the Vanguard, a lightweight vehicle meant for speedy movement. Players will also now have access to tier two of all the game’s ships, which have new wing styles and better base stats. Other additions include a grappling hook, new missile and mine types, more music, and even more. You can see the full changelog on the game’s Steam page.

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