Space Channel 5 Comix Zone Movie Adaptations

Two of Sega’s most obscure IPs are about to get the film treatment. Hot off the trails of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sega is looking to adapt both Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone as future movies. As shared by The Hollywood Reporter, Sega has teamed up with Picturestart for the two films.

While there’s no current release window, both projects have already picked up writers. Space Channel 5 will be written by Barry Battles (The Baytown¬†Outlaws) and Nir Paniry (Extracted). Comix Zone, on the other hand, is getting penned by Mae Catt, who was a writer on¬†Young Justice. That’s appropriate, considering Comix Zone is all about, well, the adventures of a comic artist and writer trapped in his own book.


Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone are interesting choices for movie adaptations. They aren’t exactly Sega’s biggest and most-known IPs. Both are quite niche, even to Sega fans. Space Channel 5 is a rhythm game that stars the intergalactic news reporter Ulala who fights off aliens with the power of music and hip waggles. Comix Zone, on the other hand, is a beat ’em up that sees Sketch Turner who gets sent into the world of his own comic book by the comic’s villain brought to life by a lightning bolt. And isn’t that typical? It’s always lighting or radiation when it comes to comics.

Space Channel 5 Comix Zone Movie Adaptations 2

Action and style

Sega has clearly been inspired due to the recent success of both Sonic the Hedgehog films. The movie adaptations for Comix Zone and Space Channel 5 aren’t even the start of the company taking more of its IPs to the big screen. Streets of Rage is also getting an adaptation, and the publisher is pushing for a live-action Persona movie. And it’s clear with these choices that Sega isn’t going to shy away from reaching pretty deep in the well for inspiration.

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