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Today, Failbetter Games announced that Sunless Skies has finally added the addition of a horn for your locomotive. According to the Steam store page announcement, this was the second most highly requested item from the Sunless Skies fanbase. Along with the horn addition, the studio also announced the details of their next update, which releases in September and lets you customize your locomotive engine.

Sunless Skies

Hoarder update brings a new officer and more

The upcoming update, titled “Hoarder,” will offer new engine part slots. Players can use these to add power to their engine and travel through the world more quickly. The catch? You must have the right amount of crew before upgrading your engines.

Along with the engine upgrade comes a new officer to recruit. Chiropterous Hoarder is listed as a “peddler of immortality,” so who knows what may befall your crew if you bring him along.

Finally, the Hoarder update will offer the ability to create a “transit relay.” This feature allows players to connect two previously unconnected regions of Sunless Skies. Between the engine upgrades and the transit relay, it seems that September’s Hoarder update is all about speed.

This gothic horror game is filled with story and exploration. In what started as a browser title, Failbetter Games succeeded in delivering an expanded roleplaying experience with both Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies. If you fancy storytelling games with plenty to read, then this series is definitely for you. For those who have yet to play them, expect a gamut of darkly humored, Victorian- and gothic-inspired atmosphere. Both games have received positive Steam reviews. They offer a lot of difficulty in the seeming randomness of enemy encounters. Weird things lurk around the corners in these games.

For more information onĀ Sunless Skies, our own Jason Rodriguez reviewed the game earlier this year. We also have a guide with tips for beginner players.

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