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You’re never too old to skateboard. At least, that’s what I like to think as I watch trick videos from Chris Cole and various other professionals in the sport. I mean, I can still do it, right? Although these athletes have become masters at their trade, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still pull off some of the same tricks in a video game — and that’s exactly where Session enters the picture.

Clean lines, lookin’ fine

The void left by previous skateboarding games is now being filled by the likes of Session. The latest gameplay video released by the creā-ture Studios team proves that they can hold their own when it comes to creating a visually polished skateboarding title. Recently, the studio also revealed that several professional skateboarders have assisted in the project, including Donovan Strain, Dane Burman, and Ribs Man.

The developers recently revealed that Session will soon enter Steam’s Early Access platform. This was also during a time when many realized that Skate 4 wouldn’t be happening any time soon. And just because Tony Hawk broke out his PlayStation 1 and played the OG Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on social media doesn’t mean a darn thing, either.

Not quite ready to kick, push

There is still some time before you’re able to kick, push, flip, grab, and grind in Session. As previously mentioned, the development team behind the game is aiming for a Steam Early Access release. When it arrives there, it will have a US$19.99 price point. It will start its journey on the platform come Sept 17. Things are shaping up promisingly, too, as a full, official launch is planned for “early 2020.” Judging by the gameplay thus far, that seems entirely possible.

For those looking to hold it down on console, creā-ture Studios is planning an Xbox One Preview Program launch for October.

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