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He’ll be coming back, soon.

If you’ve noticed the hefty 3.2GB patch for Shadow of Mordor downloading through Steam right now, it adds “support” for the upcoming Lord of the Hunt DLC. The DLC doesn’t appear to actually be out at the time of writing, but given the size of this update I’d imagine that’ll just be a case of flicking the necessary switch when the time comes.

Lord of the Hunt will (when released) add a new Beastmaster Warchief to the game and reunite Talion with Torvin to take on some new beasts, or turn them against the Orcs.

What this Shadow of Mordor patch does immediately address is a few lingering vsync issues on PC, as well as some performance and gameplay fixes. Here’s the list of additions and changes:

New Features:

  • Lord of the Hunt DLC Support Added
  • Note: Lord of the Hunt requires slightly higher system specs. If you’re noticing a loss in performance, please lower system settings.

PC Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Stability (Crash Fixes): Fixed a crash caused when the user has multiple video adapters, and the first adapter is not DX11 compatible but the second adapter is.
  • Performance: Fixed issue where screen tearing was noticeable when maxFPS is set to 60 and Vsync is enabled. Vsync no longer causes the framerate to cap at 30
  • UI: Added option to disable FXAA and improved associated help text. When running Shadow of Mordor on a laptop, a new battery display appears over the in-game UI.
  • SLI: Fixed flickering on Uruk skin when SLI is enabled.

Gameplay Specific Fixes:

  • Fixed game state issue where Power Struggles in Udûn were no longer spawning.
  • Fixed scenario where access to Sauron’s Army screen is lost after completing the game.
  • Prevented issued caused by loading save data that was created on the base game, after patch 1.05 is installed, causing loss of functionality.
  • Fixed issue caused by dying then restarting Lithariel’s Challenge, which caused most Audio to no longer play.
  • Fixed issue where Invert Aim Game Setting in Photo Mode inverts the mouse’s Camera Offset.
  • Runes Exploits: The player can no longer receive duplicate Epic Runes if the Captains are killed using Dispatch. Canceling a GP mission will no longer duplicate all Runes on the map.

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