Shadow of the Eternals launches $1.5m USD crowdfunding campaign

Shadow of the Eternals

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If you ever owned a Nintendo Gamecube, chances are you played Eternal Darkness, the third-person game of sanity-bothering and history-hopping developed by Denis Dyack and his Silicon Knights team. A sequel was much requested, but never emerged.

Today, a new team assembled by Dyack called Precursor Games has announced a crowdfunding campaign for Shadow of the Eternals, a game described as a ‘spiritual sequel’ to Eternal Darkness.

The reason Dyack is being so careful distance the (still existent) Silicon Knights company from this project is probably because that studio still owes Epic Games up to $4.45 million USD, granted in a court ruling for “copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breach of contract.”

So, Precursor Games are definitely not Silicon Knights. Just so you know.

$1.5 million USD is being sought to develop the first of twelve Shadow of the Eternals episodes on PC and Wii U, which will all use the CryEngine graphics tech. After some initial confusion, the FAQ about the project has been updated to state that if the project cannot raise enough to be completed, all donations will be refunded. Here’s what the money will go towards:

“Our initial goal is 1.5 million dollars. This includes production on the Pilot Episode, game engine costs and core system development.”

This isn’t a Kickstarter campaign, donations are being taken directly (and immediately) through the Precursor Games site.

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