You should be able to look at an all-new, fancier Wang in Shadow Warrior, thanks to an update taking the game to version 1.5 and adding a DirectX 11 launcher.

According to the accompanying Steam post from the developers, version 1.5 also adds optimisation for both 32bit and 64bit builds of the game. Mirror Effects and SSAO options also get the optimisation nod.

Shadow Warrior 1.5 introduces additional boss fights with Zilla at chapters 13 and 16, and gives everybody an in-game art book for good measure.

The one and only slight downside is that updating to this version will erase quick-saves and checkpoint saves. Initial saves for each level will be present and correct though. And any stats or upgrades you had at the start of each level will be there too.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience but this was the only way to introduce gameplay changes,” say Flying Wild Hog.

Shadow Warrior’s 1.5 update is not available for Windows XP either. It’s Vista and Windows 7/8 only, and about 5.7GB in size (so might take a while depending on your connection speeds.)

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