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After reconstructing a scene in the Display Room Fractured Memory, Sherlock will see that a mask and an outfit were left in the main hall. These are from Verner Vogel, and our dashing detective is off to a party. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb guide to help you with the altar room crime scene, clues, and Jon’s challenge.

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How to complete the Sacrificial Lamb investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Kurt Manchios’ Mansion and Jon’s Challenge

To start the Sacrificial Lamb investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, just head to Kurt Manchios’ mansion. It’s south of the large park in Grand Saray at the intersection of Vernet Street and Turquoise Lane. Inside, you’ll see a scene of debauchery among the upper-class citizens of Cordona. It’s straight out of Eyes Wide Shut.

Jon is disgusted, and he challenges you to find some dirt. Eavesdrop on people in the side rooms:

  • Identity disclosure scandal:
    • Fired after incident
    • Political crisis
    • Cheating groom
    • Offended duchess
  • Eerie history of the mansion:
    • Mysterious disappearance
    • Magic circle
    • Occultist architect

Reconstructing the crime scene

Next, meet up with Vogel and he’ll ask you to go inside the altar room. There, you’ll find the naked body of a man named Fabio. It seems that Fabio is supposed to be part of a fertility ritual, but he ended up getting stabbed. You’ll want to examine several clues in the ritual room and adjacent chambers. These include the dagger, washbasin, bloody robes, blood on the sink, wine stains, and more.

As for the crime scene, there are multiple spots with various options. Here are the outlines that we need:

  • Altar room – Suspect locking the door; suspect stabbing Fabio on the altar.
  • Dressing room – Suspect washing their hands; suspect placing the robe inside the cabinet.
  • Smoking lounge – Suspect bashing Fabio with the bottle; suspect dragging Fabio to the altar room.

When you’re done, Vogel tells you to talk to Kurt Manchios. He’s in the main hall with the other guests, and he’s wearing a mask with stars. It’s imperative that you finish Jon’s Challenge before you talk to him.

Once you choose a dialogue option while speaking with Manchios, the police arrive and arrest everyone in the mansion. All right, it’s time for us to interrogate the suspects in the prison.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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