Those of you that enjoy roguelike sci-fi titles no doubt love what Interactive Fate and Iceberg Interactive have brought with Shortest Trip to Earth. Now, the game is expanding in the best way possible with a new DLC pack. Say hello to The Supporters.

    This pack is due for release on October 23, with full details available on the Steam page. It will feature more goodies for fans of the game to enjoy.

    What’s included in the pack?

    The Supporters introduces a new playable ship into Shortest Trip to Earth, one named The Battle Tiger. Those of you that may have played with the Tigerfish series in the past should easily recognize this vehicle. It’ll help you get your crew through space with ease — depending on your actions, obviously. There will also be ten new crew members, along with the drones and exotic pets they bring along with them.

    Those who wish to expand their line-up of weapons have the option to do so as well. Five custom nukes are joining the party, along with five additional modules. They “only look cool but will also make your trip to Earth feel like a walk in the park,” according to the developer.

    What’s more, the pack will bring a new “Shortest Trip Sketchbook Scribbles” PDF, along with the ability to play its soundtrack on your daily playlist.

    The team behind Shortest Trip to Earth also vowed to continue supporting the game through 2020. “New ships, weapons, modules and more to follow” are on the way, with details as the new year gets closer. Better get that VIP crew ready for a trip they’ll never forget.

    If you haven’t checked out Shortest Trip to Earth just yet, you’ll find everything you need to know on the official Steam page. Check it out, and get ready for a space trip unlike any other!

    Robert Workman
    Robert is a 20-plus year veteran in the video game industry, bringing his gaming and writing skills to the table. Plus he can probably take you in Tekken if he's having a good day.

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