Shoryuken Introduces Street Fighter World Rankings System For Players

Shoryuken has taken a brave step forward for the FGC, introducing the Street Fighter World Rankings System. Using tournament statistics for Street Fighter IV (at the moment, Arcade Edition version 2012) weighed by event size and skill level, the system seeks to rank players, taking subjective arguments out of the equation.

Shoryuken has taken great pains to document how the rankings are to be made, and are clear about getting feedback with both a contact form and a dedicated thread. Last we checked, the top three slots were taken by Infiltration, Xian and Fudo, but they are ranking as many as 449 players at any one time.

We wish Shoryuken and the FGC the best of luck with this endeavor and hope it turns out successful, so other competitive gaming communities can also look into it and benefit from the use of information.