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Should you choose Speaker’s Sight or Mataiodoxia in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

Do you want to serve bandages or bruises?

Warlocks have some superb Exotic toys to play with in Destiny 2 The Final Shape. If you’re struggling to pick, let me answer the question: Should you choose Speaker’s Sight or Mataiodoxia in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

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What is the best Warlock Armor in The Final Shape?

You can grab two Exotic armor pieces for the Warlock and pick whatever you like as a reward for beating the Campaign on Legend difficulty. You can also obtain Exotic armor from Master Rahool in the Tower by resetting his rank at level 16.

Warlocks have a unique decision to make as they have an offensive Exotic and one that fits a support role. If you want a simple answer, go with the Speaker’s Sight. Many support applications for the Warlock have been nerfed in the Final Shape, and this Exotic is a fun way to embody that classic play style.

If you’re after a more in-depth answer, let’s have a proper look at the Warlocks Exotic options.

Should I use the Speaker’s Sight Warlock Exotic in Destiny 2?

Should you choose Speaker's Sight or Mataiodoxia in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?
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The Speaker’s Sight Helmet proves the support playstyle is still alive and well and comes with this Exotic perk:

The Lost Voice

  • Healing Grenades spawn a Restorative Turret. Healing allies occasionally spawn an Orb of Power.

Healer and Support options are few and far between in Destiny 2, and this Exotic offers a rare avenue into the playstyle. The Healing Turret fires healing projectiles at you and your teammates. While we don’t have exact numbers, the secondary ability that creates more Orbs is always a welcome bonus as it boosts your Super economy.

If we’re being critical, the loss of a damaging grenade does hurt this Exotic. However, if the Healing Turrets keep you alive in tough content, it’s already provided more value than a regular throwable ever could. The Speaker’s Sight is one of the most distinctive Final Shape Exotics and one I expect to see a lot as more players unlock it.

Should I use the Mataiodoxia Warlock Exotic in Destiny 2?

Should you choose Speaker's Sight or Mataiodoxia in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?
Image: Bungie

The Mataiodoxia is a fantastic Exotic for Strand Warlocks. It’s also a viable way to bring Strand into a Prismatic Warlock build. Here’s what the Exotic perk does:


  • Targets damaged by Arcane Needle emit a suspending detonation when defeated. Landing multiple Arcane Needles on the same target creates a larger, more powerful detonation. Defeating suspended targets grants melee energy. Your Arcane Needles are strong against Barrier Champions.

The perk is wordy, but the takeaway is that Mataiodoxia is great for mass-suspending enemies, which is an excellent effect. If you’re rocking a Prismatic Warlock, this Exotic gives you easy access to all sorts of suspend shenanigans. It’s also solid in a pure Strand Warlock build.

In both cases, you must use Arcane Needle, so it’s arguably a restrictive Exotic, but worth using as suspending is such a strong effect.

Which Final Shape Warlock Exotic is the best?

While I think the Speaker’s Sight is better, it depends on whether you want to play a support role. I play all three classes and use Hunter and Titan for damage. I use my Warlock when I want to be the player who keeps the team alive while still dishing out respectable DPS numbers.

If you’re a solo player or just want to lay down the pain Space Wizard style, the Mataiodoxia has the Speaker’s Sight beaten on all counts.

If you’re trying to cobble together a Prismatic build, it’s worth checking out the Prismatic Fragment options, as there are plenty of bangers to choose from.

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