Should you kill or save the Doe in Remnant 2? Answered

Should you kill or save the Doe in Remnant 2?

As you play through the campaign in Remnant 2, you will often be faced with a few challenging questions. Each decision you make will affect the game going forward. Among these choices is a rather difficult one in the Yaesha region. As you complete this area, you will be faced with a boss fight; as usual, the way this fight plays out is up to you. Should you kill the Doe, a soft-looking god of the world, or save it and battle the much more terrifying Ravager in Remnant 2? Each of the three options available yields different results.

Should you kill or save the Doe in Remnant 2?

Take a look at the three options below. Personally, I opted to kill the Doe and avoid fighting the Ravager, not because I am a sniveling coward, but because of the rewards, I promise.

Option #1 Kill the Doe

Should you kill or save the Doe in Remnant 2?

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Do it. Shoot it in its big Doey face. It will only take a few shots, you’ll save ammo, you won’t have to fight, and you’ll get a whole bunch of other rewards to boot. Killing the doe will mean you no longer have to fight the ravager. You will also be rewarded with the Ravagers Mark amulet, which increases damage to bleeding enemies by 20%. Additionally, it also increases damage to enemies with 50% or lower health by 30%.

Killing the Doe will give the ravager a whole world at his disposal. He is on the side of The Root, your sworn enemy in Remnant 2. However, the result will bring about the Blood Moon in Yaesha more often, which will provide the currency to buy Blood Moon items.

Option #2 Fight the Ravager and don’t save the Doe

It is possible to fight the Ravager in Remnant 2 and still leave the Doe to die. While fighting the Ravager, you will have to heal the Doe; otherwise, it will die. It can’t look after itself. Choosing this path in Remnant 2 will result in you receiving the Crimson Membrane material, which can be created into the Merciless long gun.

This gun comes with an amazing Mod that allows you to shoot through enemies. Therefore this is one of the better crowd-control weapons.

Option #3 Save the Doe and kill the Ravager

This is the hardest option. You will need to use a relic charge to heal and save the Doe during the battle while still defeating the Ravager. Taking the moral high ground like this and being the hero of the hour will give you the Doe’s Antlers, which can be crafted into the Red Doe Staff.

This Staff can summon the spirit of the Doe after doing 250 damage. The Doe will cause damage as it charges and heal allies.

You will also receive the Rebellion Spear from the guy buried in the trees at the beginning of the Forgotten Grove area.

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