Should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

Starfield Ron Hope Closeup In Hopetech Factory
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Starfield lets you spend a lot of time roaming space in beautiful starships. The solitude can be beautiful, but sometimes it is important to spend time with the galaxy’s human element. Frequently, these times force you to make difficult decisions, as when you learn about the darker side of a character named Ron Hope. Faced with new information, you may well find yourself wondering: Given everything the man has done, should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

Should you spare or kill Ron Hope?

When you first hear the name “Ron Hope,” the man is lauded as a hero. Virtually all by himself, he brought about the economic vitality of a city. The ships his HopeTech plant produces are known and loved throughout the galaxy. But sometimes, he makes difficult decisions that don’t benefit everyone. When you find the true cost of his continued economic success, you will have to decide: Should you spare or kill Ron Hope?

Starfield Ron Hope Talking To Employee In The Hammer Falls Mission

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You are most likely to meet Ron Hope while completing faction missions related to the Freestar Collective Rangers. You interact with the man at a few points during that quest line. The later missions in that series reveal some despicable deeds carried out on his behalf.

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Not long into The Hammer Falls mission, you confront Ron Hope in his factory. You tell him everything you know, and he admits to some terrible things. After all, you have proof. Then, he offers to buy your silence. You can either accept his terms and generate some credits, let him go without accepting the bribe, or kill him in combat.

When I completed the mission, I played around with a few of the options. Ultimately, I let Ron Hope live without taking the bribe. No one in the game ever actually gives you a useful amount of credits in a single exchange, which pretty much eliminates that temptation. He offers more than most, especially if you have negotiation skills, but it’s still small potatoes compared to the cost associated with buying anything significant.

Starfield Ron Hope The Hammer Falls Violent Approach

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Choosing to pass on the bribe leaves you to either let him go or eliminate him. If you decide to kill or capture Ron Hope, you will have to battle him immediately. He is likely to be joined by security or factory workers. They can be tough foes, but also, those individuals are innocent. They had no idea what their boss was doing. If you let him live without taking the bribe, he’ll continue to look after their livelihoods. And he’ll look after his own livelihood, admittedly, but it feels like the lesser of the two evils (if only barely).

When you make the choice yourself, I suggest going with the option that feels suitable for your character. If you have a companion to keep in mind, do that too. Some of them (like Andreja, who was my companion) hate bloodshed. Some of them don’t mind it so much. No matter what choice you make, the long-term impact is otherwise slight. Go with what feels right.

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