Sifu Arenas mode is kicking into a late March release date

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Late last year, developer Sloclap revealed that Sifu will soon receive a brand-new Arenas mode for players to try. At the time, the developer did not unveil too much about the mode, only that it would boast new enclosed combat arenas for specific challenges. That all changes today with a new trailer for the Arenas mode that shows off its numerous features in more detail. Not only that, but it also includes a concrete release date for the mode. According to the trailer, the free Sifu Arenas mode will officially release on March 28, alongside its Steam launch.

Once this update arrives, players will have access to a fair bit of content, including five smaller game modes, nine combat arenas, and 45 challenges to tackle. In all, this will provide players with around 10 hours of gameplay on top of the base experience, at least according to the developer. Of course, these additional hours will likely vary heavily depending on your skill level. Considering the game has already earned a reputation for its difficulty, it seems likely that many players will take much longer to complete everything.

Any more specifics about the Sifu Arenas mode ahead of release?

The trailer specifically highlights the five separate modes featured in Arenas. One of these modes, Capture, sees players taking ownership of a small square-shaped area of land by fighting the enemies within it. Another mode, titled Manhunt, tasks players with defeating a specific enemy while contending with the other foes surrounding them. Additionally, players can test themselves in the more standard Survival and Time Attack modes as well as the Performance mode, which appears to require players to avoid taking any damage.

Keep in mind that alongside the Arenas mode, players can look forward to Sifu’s Steam release on the same March 28 date. Needless to say, fans of Sifu will definitely want to make sure their schedule is free later this month.

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