Signalis Blank Key Correct Pattern Guide

As you’re collecting keys for the 5-Lock Door in Signalis, you’ll come across one that doesn’t seem to have any function. That’s because you still need to modify it. Here’s our Signalis guide to help you use the Blank Key by printing the correct pattern.

Note: For more information, check out our Signalis guides and features hub. You can also check our main guide for the 5-Lock Door puzzles.


Signalis: Blank Key correct pattern guide

The computer required for the Blank Key in Signalis is fairly easy to find. It’s in the room beside the Reception save point.

As for the pattern, all you need to do is go to the North Corridor, followed by the Imaging Room. The x-ray machine is here.

Check the photos until you see a part of a key that’s wedged inside a rock. Then, press “F” to see the pattern.

For the Blank Key itself, you’ll find it on a crate in B4’s Flooded Store Room.

You will need to drain the water via the Pump Control Puzzle first just to gain access to it.

Return to the office next to the save point, interact with the terminal, and place the Blank Key inside. You’ll see a command to define the pattern based on what you saw from the x-ray.

However, do take note that the picture is of a different angle. It needs to match the shape/outline of the keycard itself. As such, you’ll actually need to flip it upside down to see it properly.

Signalis Blank Key Correct Pattern Guide 2a

With that in mind, remember that you only have a limited number of moves. You can check the screenshot below. Start from the node that’s encircled and move the line accordingly.

This will let you print the correct pattern for the Blank Key in Signalis. You may then use it on the 5-Lock Door puzzle.

Signalis Blank Key Correct Pattern Guide 2b

Signalis is available via Steam.

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