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Teamfight Tactics is like League of Legends‘ less popular, smarter, unseen younger brother. It borrows heavily from the League of Legends universe, but hasn’t seen the same popularity as the behemoth MOBA game. But Teamfight Tactics (often abbreviated to TFT) has seen a glow-up in its Set 6 update, introducing a popular new mechanic known as Hextech Augments. Riot Games is now expanding on TFT‘s popularity in its mid-set update, bringing in new champions, traits, augments, and get this: Silco from Arcane.

Arcane was that one extremely popular show that aired on Netflix. You know, the one based on League of Legends, and introduced tons of gamers and non-gamers alike into the world of Runeterra. So the best way to cash in on its popularity is handing off Silco, a popular new villain in the show (and an original character at that), into the world of Teamfight Tactics. Okay, so TFT isn’t as popular as League of Legends. But we auto-chess players are very excited about this, so give us this victory.


Rolling down

Silco is Teamfight Tactics‘ first “TFT-exclusive” unit. While all previous champions in TFT are playable characters in League of Legends, Silco is built ground-up for the game mode. Riot developers expressed interest in adding even more “TFT-exclusive” characters and even wanted to expand its reach outside the world of Runeterra. Valorant in Teamfight Tactics, anyone?

Silco isn’t the only new champion coming to Teamfight Tactics. Alistar will also make his first appearance, one of the only characters left from League of Legends who have yet to be playable. Meanwhile, there is a swarm of champions who are making a return to the game, like Corki, Brand, and Draven. Many of these new champions are expected to take the place of some of the old ones, as the Academy and Imperial traits are leaving the game. In fact, there are 20 new champions coming in Set 6.5.

You can check out the official trailer here, and maybe catch a glimpse of the new update in action. Riot Games also unveiled plans for Set 7, most notably that the popular Hextech Augments mechanic will make a return. Details on this are still unclear though, and we have a whole half-set left to get through. Set 6.5 will likely release sometime next month after testing on the PBE.

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