SimCity 2000 Special Edition is free on Origin for a bit

simcity 2000 origin
Get it before that UFO destroys Earth.

One of EA’s semi-regular ‘On the House’ Origin offers has appeared today, giving away SimCity 2000 Special Edition for free. ‘On the House’ works in a pretty straightforward fashion; as long as you claim the game before the offer disappears (which is an undisclosed period of time,) it’ll be saved in your game library forever.

Or for as long as EA’s Origin service exists, anyway. Whichever comes first. You’ll also need an Origin account to claim the game, of course.

I wasn’t sure what the ‘Special Edition’ part of SimCity 2000 Special Edition meant, but according to my research (okay, fine, my googling) this version was released in 1995 and includes all expansions for the game plus “the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit, the Vol. 1 scenario pack, remade music, new cities selected by Maxis from a 1994 competition, bonus scenarios and cities, and movies.”

SimCity 2000 was a game I used to regularly play on a friend’s PC, along with Frontier: Elite 2. Both of those games were available for the Amiga as well (the machine I had at the time,) but I didn’t happen to own them.

I mostly remember us generating huge amounts of power from hydro-electric dams. Which, by chance, is exactly what Washington State does in 2014. Their energy department also played a lot of SimCity 2000, clearly.


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