EA and Maxis are deploying the social power of The Sims (specifically The Sims 4) as part of the It’s On Us “awareness and action” campaign against sexual assault. Much like bagpipe music* and the Nazis, sexual assault is one of those things you can probably get at least 98% of people to agree is a Bad Thing™

If you are one of those people and want your Sims 4 Sims to don a virtual It’s On Us t-shirt in the game, then this is a thing you can do. The t-shirts are free, before you ask. Judging by the image above, there are a few different colour schemes to choose from.

So, now if anyone inside Sims 4 approaches your various created Sims and requests that they place the in-game hand-buzzer device on inappropriate body parts, you can direct them to the t-shirt and sternly shake your head. I mean, that’s not actually something that’ll happen in the game, but you can maybe imagine it or something.

EA is also hoping you’ll share a picture of your Sim wearing the t-shirt on social media, but that’s all a bit weird and trendy for me to endorse. Still, good job on saying “booo” to sexual assault in this virtual way. That’s definitely preferable to dreaming up new awful pre-order bonuses and expensive DLC.

*Please direct any unholy and terrifying love for bagpipe music to the comments box.

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