In a break between sending Minecraft developers cease and desist letters, Bethesda has revealed a collector’s edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
This big ol’ box of fantasy stuff has the same release date as the standard issue Skyrim (11 November, 2011) and comes in Xbox 360, PS3 and PC flavours.
Inside, alongside the game, you’ll get a 200 page “Art of Skyrim” book, a “making of” DVD featuring interviews and behind the scenes footage, and a 12″ PVC statuette of Alduin perched on top of a dragon wall.
Presumably you’ll also get the cloth map that all that stuff is shown sitting on in the picture below, although this isn’t actually mentioned directly in the announcement.
Price-wise, you’re going to be looking at $150 USD / £130 GBP and an extortionate 150 Euros to get your hands on this. The collector’s edition will be available through selected retailers in the US, UK, Europe and Australia in “extremely limited quantities”.


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