Smite Runescape crossover collaboration

Titan Forge Games has announced a new crossover is coming to Smite. This time around Smite is teaming up with RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. The announcement was confirmed in a new trailer with the ever-iconic “Sea Shanty 2” playing in the background. An exact release date was not provided, but we know that this crossover is expected sometime in November.

Further details have not been confirmed as of yet. However, in an accompanying tweet, the Smite developer says it “can’t wait to share more with [us] down the road.” So you can expect more details about what the crossover will look like closer to release.


Regardless, we can take an educated guess based on Smite‘s past crossovers. It has previously worked with RWBY, Avatar, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, Transformers, and Rambo. These past collaborations included a mix of cosmetic skins and playable characters. Plus they usually come with an appropriately themed battle pass to work through.

A crossover between Smite and RuneScape makes a lot of sense. Both games center around gods. In Smite you play as various gods and goddesses while the story events in Gielinor are usually a result of the actions of its deities. Considering the obvious similarities, it seems likely that the most popular RuneScape gods will receive skins as part of the crossover. Don’t be surprised if other popular characters such as the Barrows Brothers, Vorkath, and Zulrah make an appearance too. After all, this is a collaboration between both the main RuneScape game and its retro counterpart, Old School RuneScape.

New territory

Smite is well known for its crossovers, but the same cannot be said of Jagex’s signature MMORPG. RuneScape makes plenty of references to other franchises, but it has never collaborated with them. Despite it being over 20 years old, this is new territory for Jagex. Whether the crossover works out and benefits both games is to be seen.

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