Sniper Elite 5 Invasion

Rebellion Developments is introducing an Invasion Mode to Sniper Elite 5, and while there isn’t any footage of the mode just yet, the developer did create a post all about it on their website. The Invasion Mode will allow you to invade another player’s game as an Axis Sniper and thwart the Allied Sniper’s mission. Of course, the same will be able to happen to you as well.

Invasion Modes aren’t necessarily the most innovative thing these days. Ever since Dark Souls popularized the concept back in 2011, numerous other titles have included it. Dying Light‘s invasion mode was notable for letting invading players take control of a powerful zombie. More recently, Deathloop from Arkane Studios used the concept of invasions as a core gameplay mechanic. Sniper Elite 5‘s implementation of the mode is seemingly very similar, with a few twists unique to its own gameplay loop.


Sniping just got a lot tenser

The Invasion Mode is fairly simple in concept. The invading player must eliminate the Allied sniper and vice-versa. Invaders can also head into a co-operative session and attempt to take out two players for a bigger challenge. If the Invader is able to eliminate both players, they will gain greater rewards. Successful invasions will net the player with new weapons, items, and skins.

It would get boring pretty quickly if all the invader could do is snipe, though. Luckily, there seems to be a lot more going on under the surface. The initial goal for both players will be to find out the other’s location. To do this, both players will be able to make use of certain abilities to track down each other. For example, the invader can tag an Axis soldier and receive a ping if they catch the Allied sniper. Invaders will also be able to tell nearby soldiers to ‘Stay Sharp’ to “[increase] their awareness.” The Allied Sniper can make use of invasion phones that are placed all over the map. These phones will reveal the location of the Invader, but using them too many times will consequently reveal their position to the invader.

Sniper Elite 5‘s Invasion Mode certainly sounds interesting, and it could bring a much-needed shake-up to the series formula. As of now Sniper Elite 5 is slated to release sometime in 2022, so keep an eye out for a date announcement sometime in the near future.

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