sniper elite v2

I’m taking aim at some GREAT SAVINGS.

Would you like a free game about sniping Nazis in the balls? Congratulations, you can have Sniper Elite V2 for no money whatsoever for the next 24 hours. Rebellion has opted to give away the second in the Sniper Elite series until 5 June at 10am Pacific (6pm UK time.)

This is the “huge” news the developer was teasing last week (guess I was wrong about those tie-in novels, then.)

Explaining the decision to give the game away, Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley says “V2’s one of Rebellion’s most successful ever games, but it’s been out for over two years now. We think the loyal Sniper Elite community will welcome some fresh blood on the multiplayer servers, while new players will get to experience the things that make the series unique.”

It’s also not a bad way to get people interested in the series prior to the release of Sniper Elite 3 this summer.

If you download Sniper Elite V2 within this 24 hour window, it will of course be yours to keep forever (or until Steam shuts down or something.)


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