Steam Winter Sale

    As surely as the winter snows cling to the roadside, slowly turn black and crumble off all over your nice, new shoes, Valve has launched its winter sale on Steam. The model looks to be much the same as the summer sale; daily deals, flash deals, community votes for forthcoming deals, mega publisher pack deals and general deals that run the entire sales period.

    For the next couple of days, you can grab games in the Borderlands, Hitman and Prince of Persia series’ for 50-75% off, Mirror’s Edge at 75% off, the rather recent Scribblenauts Unlimited at 33% off and Wargame European Escalation at 75% off too.

    Flash-deals of the day are on War of the Roses, Batman Arkham City, Natural Selection 2 and … you know what, listing all of these would take forever. Just head on over to the Steam store page and take a look around.

    Sales will be running from 20 December to 5 January (inclusive) so remember, if there’s a particular game you’re wanting, wait and see if it goes on a Daily or Flash deal before taking the plunge. Chances are you’ll save even more money.

    Peter Parrish

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