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Forget FIFA and PES, as far as I’m concerned there’s only one football game and that’s Sensible Soccer. It was an absolute classic. Now Jon Hare is back with the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer called Sociable Soccer.

Jon and his team are looking to raise £300,000 over the next 29 days to help get the game made, and if you’re a footy fan, then I suggest you chuck some cash at this. Hare and his team will be adding features such as multiplayer matches, csutomisable player avatars and clans.

Clans may sound like a strange term for a football game but these are teams of player avatars grouped together under team names and the control and progress of clan teams is shared by the players.

Sociable Soccer will also features 500 National Club and custom teams with “over 10,000 researched player names”. Team names, kits and player names will also be editable.

There will be 30 single player trophies and the ability to create “DIY competitions” for up to 8 players on a single system. There is of course an online multiplayer mode.

Jon Hare added, “For years I have been planning the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer. Competing with FIFA and PES requires much more than just a remake, it needs a different take on football games altogether, blending the instant playability of yesteryear with the power of modern technology.”

Here’s a list of their features and goals for Sociable Soccer.

Sociable Soccer’s gameplay is designed to be smooth and fast, intuitively simple yet infinitely complex, featuring the same quick passing, precise aftertouch and bone crunching slide tackles that are a hallmark of all Jon Hare’s football games.

Sociable Soccer will offer a wide variety of camera viewpoints, including the zoomed-out, overhead viewpoints familiar to Sensible Soccer players and the dynamic pitchside cameras familiar to fans of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Along with a wide variety of control options, every player will quickly be able to tailor the game to their own preferences.

In Sociable Soccer you choose your formation, select the starting eleven, make substitutions and control the whole team on the pitch at all times.

No I’m not a massive football fan but the playability of Sensible Soccer was simply amazing so I have high hopes for this.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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