Solar Ash Broken Capital Void stashes Caches 1

In Solar Ash, every major area has five Voidrunner stashes to find, and the Broken Capital is no different. I’ve described how to get to each one, and have taken pictures to show you how to find all five — if you don’t feel like searching for them.

The first is right after the area start. As soon as you leave the crater, you’re funneled into an open area with clouds lining the floor. To the right of the entrance, you’ll see a shield box. Go that way along the clouds.


Hidden in a sort of cave that’s practically underneath the rock structure you were just moving on is the first of Erving’s Voidrunner stash.

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 1

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 2

The second stash is located right before you enter the fountain area at the top of this section (where it doesn’t let you skate or jump). From the checkpoint, go to your right and there’s a rail that you can ride up to this point. Move past that and jump on the floating ground covered in red grass.

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 3

Continue on this way and you’ll notice the wall is covered in black goop. Climb it to the top to find the second of Erving’s Voidrunner stash.

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 4

The third Voidrunner stash is close by. After exiting the fountain area, head to Cyd’s conduit. Ride the rail you just used to get down, which is to the left of the doorway you entered this area through. Only this time, slingshot off of the grapple point and grab onto the black goop to climb to the top and find the next stash.

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 5

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 6

Stash 4 is close once again. Face Cyd and go right. You’ll see a building with a rail in front of it. It has a Voidrunner insignia glowing to show a stash is nearby. Ride the rail up there and climb even more goop. Then ride the next rail and go into the nearby building. There are some enemies about here, so dispatch them. You’ll then find the Voidrunner stash right in front of you.

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 7 Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 8

The final stash is the trickiest one. I suggest doing it after you’ve finished exploring the general area and beaten the boss. You’ll know which building this is: it has an unlockable pathway with a rail you can ride up. Get here.

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 9

Now, proceed onto the building in front of you by grappling and climbing the goop. You’re looking for this rail:

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 10

Ride it down and jump into the building. Again, there are some enemies to fight. Kill them and look for this:

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 11

Grapple up that and then grapple on the subsequent grappling points to make it to the rooftop where the final stash remains:

Solar Ash Broken Capital Void Caches 12

Solar Ash – Broken Capital reward for finding stashes

With all of those found, Erving’s suit will be yours. It allows you to collect double the plasma when finding orbs and red crystals. This isn’t all that useful since you are generally finding plenty, but it’s still better than the time cooldown offered by Rei’s suit. That’s all you need to find the five Voidrunner stash in the Broken Capital in Solar Ash.

It took me a while to find them all, but that was mainly because I didn’t realize that the areas before and after the fountain both counted as part of the Broken Capital. I thought the part before the fountain was still included as the crater. I wasted so much time, but hopefully now you won’t have to.

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