Someone’s created a minigame in Return to Moria: Snailball!

Snailball In Return To Moria
Image: Giupatamon

Life in Return to Moria doesn’t have to be bleak all the time, as Giupatomon and his friends have discovered through the creation of a new sport, Snailball.

Snailball isn’t only fun, as it also opens the door to lots of potential in the sandbox survival game.

Introducing Snailball for Return to Moria

Posted on YouTube and shared on the Return to Moria Subreddit, Giupatomon presents Snailball, a game of catch gone competitive.

The game requires the use of the special parts that are used to repair the ancient structures of Moria, the one that resembles the shell of a snail. Two Dwarves will throw the shell back and forth to score points in the other player’s goal. The game is simplistic, yet ingenious and loads of fun.

The video is a joy to watch. It’s clear that everyone’s having a blast. If only I’d have friends who want to play this game :’).

Giupatomon has also stated that they’ve since upgraded the game’s grounds from the forge to a full stadium, and that they’ll post a new video soon, so make sure to stay tuned to keep up to date with the developments of Snailball and Giupatomon’s sporty inventions.

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Snailball opens up the door to the world of sports and minigames in Return to Moria. You don’t just have to use the strange special tool to play with, as you can throw just about anything. If you want a game of dodgeball, use stones or potatoes. You can even play hot potato, with an actual potato!

I hope this has intrigued you as much as it has me, reader, and that you’ll be off to invent some minigames of your own.

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