Sons of the Forest comes from The Forest devs, has humpy ladies

Sones Of The Forest The Game Awards 2019 2

For those of you wondering if developer Endnight Games was still working on The Forest, wonder no more. The answer is no. Well, it’s a strong “probably not,” because the team announced a new game during tonight’s The Game Awards 2019. Sons of the Forest looks to be a pseudo-sequel to the popular survival game featuring fort building and cannibals. Except the new game doesn’t look like it has cannibals at all. Instead, we get some debauched lady who humps rocks.

No, I don’t think I saw things. I’m damn sure that weird, creepy lady went to town on that rock for a moment before having a good stretch by a tree. I’m not sure what Endnight Games is going for this character, but she certainly made an impression. From what I can gather with the trailer, she may in fact be a demon.

Sones Of The Forest The Game Awards 2019 3

We’re just here to fight demons, ma’am

Forgive me for being a tad confused when the trailer began. It starts with a man looking at a tattoo on his arm that read, “fight demons.” For a moment, I thought we were going to see a teaser for the new BioShock, but I suppose we’re still too early on. However, with this we can speculate a bit on what kind of horrors lurk in Sons of the Forest.

Connecting the dots, it seems you start off as a member of some task force sent to kill off demons. But an attack drops your helicopter, and now you’re left stranded trying to survive in a demon-haunted forest. Naturally, you’ll likely start off similar to the first game, with a hatch in hand and a need to start crafting. If Sons of the Forest is indeed a survival game (we’re betting it is), then expect cooking, gathering of resources, and building structures that can protect you from the ravenous wilds. There also look to be caves for spelunking, but, naturally, that’s probably where the demons lurk.

We don’t have a release date for Sons of the Forest just yet, but we’ll keep our eyes on the news.

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