We’ve known about Death Stranding by Kojima Productions for the last three years. And for three years, it has astounded, puzzled, and outright baffled us in every way imaginable. The one fact we always knew, however, is that the game was going to be on PlayStation for a while before hitting PC. It has been an unfortunate reality. Death Stranding is so outlandishly eccentric that we really, really wanted to see it running on our PCs, sooner rather than later.

    Well, there’s a chance a PC reveal may be looming. Sony has de-listed Death Stranding as a PlayStation 4 exclusive across many of its websites.

    First reported by a user on the Resetera forums, Death Stranding has been dropped from the PlayStation exclusives list. The removal of the game is worldwide, as it no longer appears in many PlayStation websites. This includes sites in the US, as well as France and Germany (thanks, PC Gamer). It happened recently, too. Using the internet’s Wayback Machine, we see Death Stranding listed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive around May 26 of this year.

    Of course, despite Sony’s stance on the game being exclusive, Death Stranding was indeed first talked about as both a PlayStation 4 and PC game. In an interview taken back in 2015, Sony released an interview regarding the partnership made with Kojima Productions. In the interview, it was clearly stated that the “first independent title” was going to the PC after releasing on the Sony’s console. The interview had since been archived, but unearthed by the Resetera user.

    Death Stranding exclusive pc gamescom 2019

    Death comes a-knocking

    The de-listing is not surprising, but feels somewhat too soon. After all, the game hasn’t released yet — it’s scheduled to come out this year for PlayStation 4 on November 8. But the change does lead us to speculate that a PC announcement for Death Stranding may be just around the corner. And what is, exactly, just around the corner? It could be a major gaming convention, right?

    Right you are. Gamescom 2019 is a mere two weeks away, and Kojima will be present and accounted for. Geoff Keighley, who is hosting Opening Night Live a day before Gamescom begins, has already confirmed that Kojima will be there to talk about the game. What better stage to announce a PC edition?

    Gamescom 2019 will run from August 20 to August 24. We’ll be closely covering the show, wringing our hands for a Death Stranding running at 60 frames per second.

    [update 08/09/19 1:30 PM PST]: Article was updated for clarification.

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