Sony’s PlayStation 4 launched around North America on Friday, and the company has announced that their console broke sales records having sold 1 million units in 24 hours.

SCE president, Andrew House had this to say, “PS4 was designed with an unwavering commitment to gamers, and we are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal,” House then went on to say. “Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29. We are extremely grateful for the passion of PlayStation fans and thank them for their continued support.”

The PlayStation 4 still has a number of regions still to launch in, Europe doesn’t get its launch until the 29th November, and Japan doesn’t see the PlayStation 4 until February, 2014.

We await Microsoft’s sales figures for the XboxOne when that launches globally this coming Friday.

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