Space Hulk: Ascension set to steal your genes next week

Space Hulk: Ascension set to steal your genes next week

space hulk ascension edition

Space Hulk: Ascension has been dated for next week, pre-orders are now open, and a new dev diary has been released.

Unlike the first, Full Control’s second stab at a Space Hulk game isn’t trying to be a duplicate of the board game, instead updating things to make them a bit more “computer game”-y. Except 103 missions across three chapters, a variety of new Genestealer types, RPG mechanics and squad management, a load of new weapons, more complex maps, and mechanics that’ve changed to minimise the amount of randomness and dice rolling. Which, hopefully, will lead to Space Hulk: Ascension being received a little better than the first game, which was pretty much just a digital replica of the original board game.

Space Hulk: Ascension has now been dated for 12 November (next Wednesday), and pre-orders are available now, offering 10% off the launch price of £22.99. Those who own the original Space Hulk receive a further 15% off the price, giving them a 25% discount if they want to pre-order, and dropping the price to £17.24. Which might still be a bit pricey, but hey, if you’re confident…

A new developer diary has been released to coincide with this announcement, and you can see that below.

Alas, we probably won’t be taking much of a look at Space Hulk: Ascension. It’s launching right in the middle of Holy Shit Why Is Everything Coming Out Right Now season, which means that the chances of us being able to give it the time it deserves are… a bit slim. Weep.

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