Spacebase Startopia

Startopia fans have some exciting news to look forward to today. Publisher Kalypso Media has partnered with Realmforge Studios to bring us Spacebase Startopia, a new version of the 2001 space management sim. Players might recognize Realmforge from their work on Dungeons III, a medieval/fantasy RTS with online cooperative gameplay. Realmforge and Kalypso will be bringing Spacebase Startopia to Windows PC, Mac, Linux, and all three current-gen consoles. Players can expect a crude sense of humor to this game, which is aptly featured in the trailer below.

Manage your space station in Spacebase Startopia

The game will feature a single-player campaign for those wanting to go strictly solo. Aside from the campaign, there will also be an online versus mode, and players will have the ability to match with up to four friends in either competitive or cooperative gameplay modes.

The goal of the game is to create the ultimate trade and tourist destination. To do this, you’ll have to fend off enemy invaders along the way. Since your space station will house a variety of different alien races, you must also contend with each of their needs. Finally, players will navigate this world while appeasing the game’s AI narrator, VAL. All the while, VAL narrates the game events with a rather unconventional sense of humor.

In order to properly balance your economy, you’ll deal with three different space decks. The Sub Deck contains a variety of rooms essential for survival. The Fun Deck is where all of the tourists visit, and the Bio Deck is where you manage your resources to help keep your small space society alive. All the while, you’ll be choosing when to attack or engage in trade with other space stations. Of course, there will be space pirates, too.

Recently, our own Jordan Aslett published a feature piece discussing how he’d love to see a sequel to the original Startopia. Although Spacebase Startopia is less a sequel and more of a remake, it looks like he’ll be getting his wish.

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