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The different Classes and Gauntlets in Spellbreak all play very differently. This variety makes gameplay diverse, which is excellent. It also means that each Class and Gauntlet excels in different ways. Some are best in the early game, while others get considerably more powerful later. Gauntlets like Toxic are best at close range, while Frost is best from afar. Even the terrain you’re in can impact which Gauntlet or Class is the most effective. With the addition of the Ambidextrous Talent to Spellbreak, you need to be more mindful than ever as to which offhand Gauntlet you bring to your magic fights.

In Spellbreak, Ambidextrous allows you to benefit from the level one skill of your offhand Gauntlet. In almost all of the Classes, this skill is very powerful. Ambidextrous also decreases the mana cost of your offhand Gauntlet’s spells by 5/10/15/25%. Again, that’s very good. Ambidextrous sits in the Spirit Talents, so it competes with Recovery and Thirsty for a spot in your build. I think it’s better than both.

There is a downside though. Ambidextrous is more expensive than the other two options and costs three of your six Talent points. This means you can only have one of the two other strongest Talents in the Spellbreak, Runic Fluency or Scavenging. I would go for Scavenging for my Body Talent and then take Focused Mana as my one-point Mind Talent. Spellslinger is also an excellent choice, because it allows you to switch offhand Gauntlets when you like. The one-point Body Talents aren’t very good.

Spellbreak Clash Mode

More power all the time

As I mentioned above, the power rankings of the various Classes and Gauntlets change throughout the game. The level one skills of the various Classes are a significant reason for this. With Spellbreak’s Ambidextrous Talent, you can choose the best level one skill for the phase of the game you’re in.

Early game, you can be an annoying Stoneshaper with 20 additional armor and armor regeneration. In the mid-game, you can traverse the map rapidly with the Frostborn’s Ice Trails or you can choose to ramp up your damage with the Conduit’s Potential Energy.

For the endgame, you can assess the Classes you’re up against and the terrain you will be fighting in. Then it’s a simple matter of choosing the best offhand Gauntlet for the job. It will most likely be Lightning or Toxic. I think the Toxic Gauntlet is very strong throughout the game, exceeded only by the Stoneshaper’s level one skill off the drop.

Spellbreak Stoneshaper

Know your location

If you’re running Ambidextrous in Spellbreak, you need to be looking towards the next circles and planning. The terrain you’re going to be fighting in, as well as the range your battles will take place at, can all be determined by looking at the coming circles. These pieces of information will strongly impact which offhand Gauntlet you choose to wield.

If I know there will be wide open spaces and I am running a close-range Gauntlet as my primary, I will look to pick up a Lightning or Frost Gauntlet for my offhand. That way, if I encounter an enemy in the open, I have an effective way to pressure them and deal damage.

On the other hand, if I see a lot of buildings and mountainous terrain, I’ll look to pick up a Toxic or Wind Gauntlet so I can get up close and constantly harass my opponents. I’m a big fan of Tempest, as it allows you to keep off the ground while attacking – this is particularly good against Stoneshapers. However, Toxic Puddles can wreak havoc in tight spaces. Plus, the damage of a Toxic Gauntlet at close range is unmatched.

Spellbreak Frostborn Vs Toxicologist

The best Gauntlet combinations to use with Ambidextrous

I have two Gauntlet combinations that I favor above all others. While I believe these are the most powerful, there are other choices that will be better some of the time. For instance, you simply cannot beat the power of the Stoneshaper level one skill straight off the drop.

Toxicologist with the Lightning Gauntlet is my number one choice. With Ambidextrous, your damage at all ranges is immense. I’ve mentioned this in a Spellbreak Class guide, Toxicologist is the best in the game. Using the Lightning Gauntlet in your offhand with the increasing damage from its level one skill covers the Toxicologists mid to long-range weakness very effectively. Toxicologist also works well with the increased damage from the Focused Mana Talent.

The other Class I love playing is Tempest. Its mobility is unmatched in Spellbreak. Plus, you can keep out of reach of pesky Stoneshapers. The Tempest really needs its later level skills to be effective, but you can combine it with either an offhand Toxic or Lightning Gauntlet and Ambidextrous to considerably increase your damage output. Assess the final circles to help you decide which one you want to run for the endgame. Toxic is best for congested areas and Lightning is ideal for open spaces.


I think the Conduit Class with Ambidextrous and a Toxic Gauntlet in your offhand deserves an honorable mention. The damage output of a level four Conduit is off the charts. Combine that with the ability to slow enemies with Toxic Puddles for easy Lightning Strikes, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Your biggest weakness will be mobility. However, if you play it smart, this is a manageable issue.

The worst Gauntlet in Spellbreak for Ambidextrous

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned the Fire Gauntlet throughout this entire guide. It’s level one skill causes direct hits from your Fireballs to Ignite targets for two seconds and increases Fireball’s explosion radius by 200%. That sounds good, but it’s not great.

Unless you’re excellent at landing direct hits with Fireballs, which is very tough, this skill is a complete waste. Even then, Ignite only does eight additional damage. The other level one skills offer you a lot more. That’s not to say that Pyromancer is a bad Class, just that Fire in the offhand is a waste with Ambidextrous.

Frost Vs Fire

In short, Ambidextrous is one of the best Talents in the game and you should use it with the combinations I’ve mentioned. Off the drop, grab a Stone Gauntlet. At any other point in the game, use a Toxic or Lightning Gauntlet. If you found this guide helpful and would like some more Spellbreak tips, check out our guides and features hub.

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