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In the latest reveal post on Reddit, the Design Director of Spellbreak gives fans a look at a few changes being made to consumables, as well as a collection of new consumables coming to the battle royale when the Prologue update drops. Most of the consumables in the game will still restore health or armor. However, Proletariat is experimenting with a gameplay potion that could result in some insanely powerful magic being thrown around.

One thing that people often complain about in Spellbreak is the lack of potions towards the end of a match. Players have usually consumed most of what they are carrying and there aren’t many left lying around the map. The Thirsty Talent exacerbates this, because it results in players downing potions and shards like their lives depend on it – which they often do.

A negative effect of this situation is that players are forced to run the Scavenging and Recovery Talent to ensure they always have enough health and armor going into the endgame. If there were more potions and shards available, it would make other Talents more viable.

Spellbreak Frostborn Vs Toxicologist

Stay healthy

Proletariat acknowledges that potions and shards are a bit too rare in the Hollow Lands. So, they’re throwing some more into the mix. Spellbreak will get two new consumables with the Prologue update: Small Health Potions and Small Armor Shards. These will take two seconds to drink and will restore 15 health or armor over five seconds. They are common spawns and come in stacks of two. You can also store up to six of them in a hot bar slot.

The existing Small Health Potion and Small Armor Shard will be renamed to Health Potion and Armor Shard. The effect they have will not change. However, their rarity will be increased to uncommon. The Large Health Potion and Large Armor Shard will remain unchanged.

An entirely new consumable that will be added is the Safeguard potion. It restores both health and armor, and comes in a regular or large size.

The regular Safeguard Potion will take you five seconds to drink and restore 25 health and armor over 10 seconds. The large version of the potion will take you eight seconds to drink, but it will give you 50 health and armor over 10 seconds. The regular size is Epic rarity, while the large size is Legendary rarity. Both Safeguard Potions will take up one slot on your hot bar, and they cannot be stacked.

Knowledge is power

Then there’s the Knowledge Potion. This is an entirely new consumable coming to Spellbreak with the Prologue update. It’s the first potion in the game to impact gameplay. After drinking the Knowledge Potion for one second, you will get two additional charges to both of your Sorceries, as well as your Rune.

This potion is an Epic world drop and will take up one hot bar slot. It cannot be stacked. I’m sure you already have many questions. Fortunately, Proletariat has provided some answers. The Knowledge Potion stacks with Avalanche and Overload – Class abilities that already give you additional charges to your Sorcery. Knowledge Potions will not work with Thirsty, which allows your team to benefit from the potions you consume.

Additional charges from the new potion will stack though. So, you could store up to eight charges if you find four potions. While this sounds completely overpowered, Proletariat assures players that it will happen very, very rarely. If you’d like to see what a rain of Boulderfalls looks like, check out the short video here.

Proletariat also says the Knowledge Potion is a first for them. If it is received well, there’s a lot of potential for more. Likewise, if players dislike it, it’s easy to remove. If you’re curious about how these new items will work in the meta, be sure to check out our guides and resources for Spellbreak. You can review all of the ins and outs of each class to see what will work best in the next update.

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